I. input in‧put 1 [ˈɪnpʊt] noun
1. also factor input [countable usually plural, uncountable] ECONOMICS something or someone that is involved or used in a business:

• the value of the product as compared with the cost of the inputs

• an operation with an annual government input of £12 million

• Costs of all factor inputs could be reduced.

2. [uncountable] ideas or advice from someone that helps to make something better or more successful:
input from

• Geoff works out the designs with a lot of input from Alice.

• Please give us your views as we value our customers' input.

3. [uncountable] COMPUTING when information is put into a computer:

• The machines used for data input should be upgraded.

4. [uncountable] COMPUTING information that is put into a computer:

• Editing of data files may be necessary because of errors or deficiencies in input.

  [m0] II. input input 2 verb input PTandPP or inputted PTandPP inputting PRESPART [transitive] COMPUTING
to put information into a computer:

• Users are responsible for inputting their own data.

  [m0] III. input/​output ˌinput/​ˈoutput written abbreviation I/​O adjective [only before a noun] COMPUTING
concerned with putting information into a computer system or getting information from it:

• With this new software, input/​output processing speeds would be increased by 300%.

* * *

input UK US /ˈɪnpʊt/ noun
[ U] help, ideas, or knowledge that someone gives to a project, organization, etc.: input from sb/sth »

We had a very productive meeting with a lot of good input from the technical department.

input on sth »

We want input on product development from employees and potential customers.

[C or U] ECONOMICS a resource such as materials or labour that is involved in producing something and has a cost that affects profits: »

The majority of input costs are related to the cost of the workforce.

[ U] IT the information that you put into a computer: »

Words in the input that are not spelled correctly will be highlighted.

[ U] IT the act of putting information into a computer: »

fields used for data input

[C] IT a part that carries information to a machine, or the place where this is connected: »

a digital video input

Compare OUTPUT(Cf. ↑output) noun
input UK US /ˈɪnpʊt/ verb [T] (inputting, inputted or input, inputted or input)
IT to put data into a computer: input data/details/information »

His account details had been input incorrectly.

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